Maximum paper thickness for Heidelberg KSB

I am trying to find what is the maximum paper thickness that the KSB can process. (We use the machine exclusively for die cutting).

I look into the machine manual but I could not find anything…
Any help would be highly appreciated.


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What are you trying to run. There are suckers you can use to pick up 24 pt but grain direction is important

the actual structure of the stock is probably going to play a bigger part than thickness. IE; a stiff board won’t want to go around the press where a rag of same thickness would be less of a problem.
Then there are the components that you are cutting. will they stay in.

I think it is around .021”. There is an accessory to help control thicker sheets during the print stroke, a band that clips onto the sheet guard between cylinder and rollers, holds sheet against the cylinder and carries through to the delivery side; there would be positioning marks if your press came equipped. However, the final tight turn back onto the delivery pile is where it can all go bad.

I once die-cut what I think was 12 pt railroad board. Had problems controlling the feed pile height.

a mate of mine suggest contacting Heidelberg experts Senior Graphics in UK
[email protected]

i believe you can run up to 16pt or 350gms.
but the grippers will thank you if you do not exceed 14pt or 300 gms.
except for ocational runs.

Middle one says Airmail to 0.52 mm (0.02 in)


image: SAM_0596.JPG


Thank you all for your answers! There were more than helpful!

Heidelberg are of course still very much in business, and there are a still older folk about at the city factory who can and do answer letterpress questions. And they speak English, well, some do.

If you remove paper packing under the die cutting jacket (always the best way on a cylinder), you can get 0.6mm (0.024” or roughly 24pt board through the KSB(A or D). Biggest problem is the delivery. Reduce the amount of nicks to keep the stock intact around the curve.