Windmill electricity needs?

I’m looking to add a windmill (or two) to the shop in the next few months. Right now my studio only has 110v electricity, but my building’s manager is looking into upping my electricity for me. He needs to the maximum amperage draw will be for these presses. I searched bp a while and I know that they can come in different voltage and phases, but cant find any info on the amperage draw. Just need the worst-case scenario for him to plan on. Thanks!

Also, if anyone (preferably near me in OH/IN/IL/MI/KY) is looking to unload a windmill cheap, I’m looking ;)

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I have two Windmill I will be posting on briar press and Craigslist. I have one that runs on 110 volts and be switch to 220 volts, I have another one that also runs on 220 or can be switch to 110. 15 and 20 amp will be fine