Windmill motor noise

I just changed the belt of my windmill to lower the noise level as the old one is too thick and has an opening which keeps making a tatatata sound. Yet after running for a week in peaceful silence, the motor starts rattling, I can see the belt is a bit slacking. Moving the cove shell does not help. Any thoughts?


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Can you post a link of the motor sound. Could be bad brushes or bearings

Take the belt off and see if you still have the sounds

Very familiar with the tata sound. On mine it’s the belt touching the guard.

In addition to Jes’ comment - with no load on it, the sound could quite likely go away.

I have had similar sounds on my Windmills, and it was from the belt hitting the cover.

But the “slackness” in the belt… That sound odd. the belt should always be tight. Better look into that factor a bit more deeply.

Perhaps there’s something inside the belt that hits the pulley on each revolution?