The windmill made a strange sound

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Hello everyone

I use the Heidelberg windmill 10x15

Recently, when the machine is running, the gears of the large ink supply rollers are issued with loosening of the gears.
Excuse me, is this normal ?

Last print job, had stuck once.
The reason is that I have in order to produce a deeper impression, but the packaging is too thick stack.

Big ink roller gears begin to produce sound.
what should i do ?

In the movie 0:20. lose to the big ink roller gear when the sound is more clear.
Hope this will not be affected ?

Thank you for reading this question


I found the answer ! Sound

I found the answer !

Sound from the left side gear and the drive gear of the ink below the drum.

I put the gear was too clean, clean up, and use the fluidity of oil is too high.
Resulting in no adhesion grease on gears.

I replaced the more viscous gear oil, the sound disappeared.

About worm screw and a crescent-shaped parts.
The ink drums do have worm screw installed, but there is no crescent-shaped parts.
Instead substituted with a T-shaped part and the side of the fixed worm screw.
It looks like a long time.

This is probably the reason why my ink drum will not move around.

hi jonsel

I’m a little worried about the cut collar you said.
Is it necessary to open the check from the rear? (With photos)
I can not turn on the screws. Locked very tightly.
Normal should be able to open, right ?

I hope to be able to check.

Attached to the film, ink drum no problem.
Thank you for everyone.

Thank you all Dennis Brian,

Thank you all
Dennis Brian, Mick.
and Jonsel again

I am grateful.

This is the film that I had purchased the windmill.
In the film 2:10, can see the ink drum is not moving around, and now also.

This is my current ink drum, really do not move.

I tried to open the side, the gear looks most of the normal operation

From the gear on the look, has been a long time there is no traces of moving around.

I tried to push the ink drum and found the whole ink drum to move slightly (1mm) and make a sound.

If i want to remove the ink drum to check, how can i start?
Feeling the ink drum seems to be a problem.

Where is the worm screw ?
Assuming worm screw break, should I take the debris out ?
If the ink drum will not move around, will make the whole machine broken?

I am very worried.

Yeah, Dennis hit it. The ink

Yeah, Dennis hit it. The ink drum is not moving left and right, so that’s likely the source of the crunching. I’m not sure what you do for that, but the drum likely needs to come out and get looked at by a press mechanic.

As for deep impression, you can go too far and lock up the press (and potentially break your shearing collar), but it won’t damage the drum.

Corroborating Dennis Brian,s

Corroborating Dennis Brian,s resume above, the Ink Drum is NOT reciprocating, and it should and has to.
Even on the very early machines, black ball and onwards.
Call up Google, >Heidelberg Printing Press (running)<
Several very good clips, showing the Ink Drum moving through its entire traverse, almost contacting the main frame on both sides (inners) but especially showing the Axis/Spindle retreating into the main frame, (flush) and then advancing out to show 3/4” to 1” (ish) polished shaft, ALSO good line of sight to observe Oil Weeping/Leeching out when the central oiling system is operated.??
Close look at one or two of the clips, (especially the 5 minute version) will, does show, that whilst the rollers traverse the Image up and down in the one pass the Ink Drum travels its full L/R range.!!

H. & S. may not be too impressed by all the Flip Top belt guards FLIPPED OUT. ???

Again corroborating D.B. above, the worm screw probably Shot to Bits, but the sound implies that part of the gear train for the Ink Drum is also suspect,?

The Platen in our Museum Print Shop produces exactly the same noise, but is still hanging together, just.

For the best advice, Bar None, perhaps a call (E mail) to,

[email protected]

Good Luck.

It’s hard to tell, but it

It’s hard to tell, but it appears your big ink drum isn’t going back and forth. If that’s the case then maybe the worm screw inside is messed up. Or maybe on some early models the drum doesn’t move. All my presses move back an forth.

Thank you for reading my

Thank you for reading my question and taking the time to reply.
I am very grateful.

Thank you Jes

I try to add fat from above, the problem still exists.
Is it going to use thicker grease?

Thank you Jonsel

As you describe, I was worried about this

Yes, recently I ran a very deep impression, began to produce sound. The machine stuck once.

If so, what should I check?

Should i continue to use it?

I am worried that the gears are broken inside.

Please, please tell me what to do.

Are you oiling the press

Are you oiling the press every time you use it? Obvious but just checking.

It does sound like a gear is possibly loose or not moving evenly with the adjoining gear.

Did the problem start after you tried running thick stock and deep impression?

Try putting a lot of grease

Try putting a lot of grease in all the big gears starting with the big ink drum.