June Issue of Small Printer,(U.K.) - The Monthly Magazine of the British Printing Society. !
Front Cover page, Full 4 colour picture of Mr **** **** at the Newport Convention trade show, with His prototype *Letterpress Proofing Press* ??
According to the Magnificent Spiel, PROTOTYPE, Letterpress Proofing Press, Made in England, designed by the Mr.**** ****, of B*********, P****, Engineered by, X & X, precision engineers, etc.

Little poetic license possibly, Author owns and uses exactly the same machine, (with the exception that the side stanchions are solid brass) Happy to quote every last detail from the original M/ verification/proof, NOT from blueprints.??

Hence the post TITLE.!!

IF the M/c. (subject) is The prototype from a long time ago, I (author) will offer Any/Every apology possible, some how.

Membership to the B.P.S. will probably be revoked anyway.

May consider offering the Machine On E bay, with that much prior publicity, etc., etc.,

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Not the place for you to have one of your rants Mick. Just print a poster that you arenota happy bunny and display it at Amberley.

Mick got a wee spankin’

Mr. *********,

W & C, w/A X. B? C *DEF*!

G o. i. c. Mr. ******** w/ Mr. *********? PDX to LAX??????

A B (w/m). C (w/o/m). D,