I finally shim my grippers and set the opening. I attach a photo of impression - I have very very slight shifts (I do not count the first sheet), I would like to know if they are normal or not …?

image: register.jpg


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Bit difficult to tell with nothing for scale.

How slight are we talking? They appear to me to be significantly less than the width of that line.

Of course not knowing how thick that line is I can’t say for sure, but assuming the background is a turned ink disk the surface marks on that imply the line is pretty fine.

I would be perfectly happy with that registration, but then I have to place the paper against the guide pins myself.

Good work! That does not look bad to me. I’d call it better than “normal variation”. Of course you CAN do it a little tighter, but for 99% of most letterpress work, that is better than one needs.

The only reason you’d need tighter is if your next color has to kiss the line. I almost never need to print that tight.

Looks good for not using guides.

What press is this. Looks pretty good to me.

Ahh just saw it Chandler and Price. Didnt know just how good they could be. You have done well.

Run those printed sheets back thru and print the exact print, that will tell you if you are registering

Thanks for your comment, so it’s the good way !
(I work on a windmill)

@winking cat press: you know how to di it little tighter ?