Candy No. 14 question

Hello all:

Now that fall semester is over, I can return my attention to my new model Vandy No. 14. It appears to me that the gripper bar is bent. What say you? If it’s not supposed to look looks this, how should I go about correcting it?



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Well, it looks like I need to try to repost my image. Hold on!

Wow! Autocorrect and image size restrictions really got me this time!

Here are the photos. One is an overall of the gripper bar and cylinder. The second is a close-up of what I believe to be the bent area of the gripper bar rod.


image: 02a.jpg


image: 01a.jpg


I think N.A. Graphics in Silverton Colorado do quite a few Vandercook spares. Most helpful there is Mr. Fritz Klinke.


Fritz asked me to tell you that he’s away from the office until after New Years, but that he’s aware of your problem and will get back to you then when he can access the drawings, etc.