LETTERPRESS 2nd. time around & other!

As Yet, (apparently) have not seen, or maybe missed? any references to the Passion or Dedication of the revival of Letterpress in ALL its forms, plenty about, to make a profit or otherwise, to stay traditional or otherwise, reams/pages of *WHY* have I failed, etc., etc., where is the Passion & Dedication in that. There should be a little somewhere.?

AUTHOR, Saw the first Monotype, and the first BIG American Meihle, August 1954. By now, (and still) as passionate, or as mad, as the proverbial >Box of Frogs< as *Tolbert* was when THE, Lanston Monotype, chundered into life.

Visitors to our Museum (Print Shop) frequently want to send for the Men in White Coats, re the author,? and the Monotype, they have not found the *OFF* switch yet, in the last 5-6 yrs., so perhaps a little passion is rubbing off and going forward, hopefully.

From a mechanical point of view, perhaps one visitor in every Hundred, or so, eyes light up, when the author points out that Tolbert Lanston, (in essence) perfected Desmodromic valve gear, before the turn of the previous century, 60 Yrs. (ish) before DUCATI.!!! Look it Up.?

On the Monotype, Bar one, every operation is obtained from >Desmodromic< camshafts, when for example the Type is delivered to the Galley at 160/170 characters per Minute on 6 point, the *Type pusher* has to pass through the *Type carrier* and retract in milli-seconds, hence the desmodromic issue, many separate operations, to set the *Carrirer* up for the timing, to tolerances of .001 ” (thousands of an inch) at 160/170 characters per Minute on 5 -6 Point.

****Purely mechanical, NO Sensors, Relays, Chips, whatsoever.****
Letterpress Rant ends.

Completely unrelated to L/Press, but in hope, possibly, recently acquired a New/Old Juke box, American of course,
Rock-Ola, Princess (Model) from early 60,s - Carousel loaded Full Tilt with R.&.R. working perfectly, wasting too much time away from the Monotype, One tiny Glitch, set for free plays at the moment, but like the printing machinery, want to stay traditional, far as poss., the glitch, coin mechanism is absent, can possibly source one U.K. at a price, plenty available Stateside, at a price, which would be good, But in the mid 60,s which 3 coins, American, would have triggered the 3 selection slots. - Thanks in advance, possibly Mick.

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