From Block to Book Workshop with Karen Kunc

We will be hosting Nebraska-based artist Karen Kunc, of Constellation Studios, this summer for a 4 day workshop. This will be held June 22-25, Thursday through Sunday, and participants will create reduction woodcuts. This hands-on workshop goes from printing color reduction woodcut images that become the pages of a hand bound or accordion folded book. Quantities of pages will be generated using the woodblocks for an edition or with a monotype approach that steer the book structure and presentation. Oil-base and water-base inks will be used. Concepts for invention, multi-level sensory experience and good fun will be directed in a collaborative atmosphere. The book as an edition and as a unique object will both be explored, while image making will be translated into efficient – and meaningful - sequences. Open to beginning and advanced artists, who enjoy working with their hands, using tools, building objects, planning, and being open to the unexpected and evolutionary developments as materials come together.

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image: Karen Kunc Workshop FB Cover_v2.jpg

Karen Kunc Workshop FB Cover_v2.jpg