Paper suggestion for postcards

i have a bride that wants RSVP cards as postcards. any suggestions for a good paper that letterpresses well that won’t get to mangled in the mail? and doens’t have a lot of show-thru?


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papers that I have used for postcards which have worked well are:
French Papers - I like the nice thick 140# muscletone ones

Crane’s Lettra paper - 110# - it seems more delicate than it actually is.

Chipboard. This is for a more fun, casual postcard but seems to hold up well… get the thicker ply.

thanks! i just ordered some muscletone… i think lettra might get too beat up. and chipboard! smart… i think i’ll get some just to have.


I’ve just printed a set of bridal RSVP postals.

You don’t need to spend to the limit. Any heavy cover stock will work. Hopefully you have a cutter so you can cut your own. Make _sure_ you read the Postal Regs on where you can/cannot print— they are pretty specific.

I’d suggest using an oil based ink. Not as many rub-off problems. The high speed postal sorting machines routinely destroy the inks on many postcards I receive, even those printed by letterpress.


good to know about the ink — i usually use rubber-based. i do have a cutter. my xacto. heh. i cut down my own large sheets by hand or go up to kinkos to use their rotarty cutter when i have a huge amount to do. i downloaded the usps guidelines, too. thanks!!

A more commonly used commercial grade stock which has a touch of elegance at what is probably a better price is Classic Crest by Neenah. Monadnock also makes some nice looking sheets. I have used them for limited edition four color lithographic art prints as well as pencil reproductions.


I’d love to hear how your postcard project went? What paper/ink/cutter did you end up using?


hi marjorie. i talked her into doing a standard 4-bar flat card with envelope. but i’m sure i’ll have more requests in the future!

: )

Mohawk Superfine is a really good card stock. It comes is cut sizes. (8 1/2 x 11). The panel & plain cards are also Superfine. If you deal with Xpedex Paper, their Park Avenue baronial envelopes are converted from Mohawk Superfine Paper. So this is a perfect match of white or natural white.
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Hello everyone,

I am adding to this thread another question. I am in need of a paper suggestion for postcards. I see from the USPS specs that postcard paper cannot be more than .016 in thickness. That rules out a lot of paper I normally use. Any advice?

I printed up some save the date cards and the bride wanted them printed on Holyoke Fine Paper and sent as postcards. They cost .28 each, same as a regular postcard. I sent one to myself from a town 40 miles away and it came back to me with no damage whatsoever. It was a bit pricey for the cards and postage but it’s what she wanted - the customer is always right!

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Thank you, Steve. I wonder if indeed heavier papers get through no matter what the USPS requirements say. I may ask another post office or bring them a sample.