A number of hand molds will be produced in NL soon.

Hi there,

I just wanted let you know about this project:

In a nutshell: In the coming months a number of hand-molds will be produced in Leiden, NL. It’s a non profit project, only the technicians will be paid for their work. The price of each mold will be in the order or 1000 EUR (ballpark)

If you are interested, in ordering one, please get in touch by dropping an email here: http://www.re-type.com/contact/


image: IMG_6274.jpg


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Is it possible that the Moulds would accept standard English Monotype *DISPLAY* matrices for casting 18 - 72 Point mats.? Thank You.

You would have to modify the mats so they would set the mould for the set width of each character. And the conventional Monotype flat mats might not be thick enough to lock securely in place. My guess would be that it would be more trouble than buying a Thompson and learning how to use it! :-)


I must mention that Stan Nelson, the world’s foremost expert on hand moulds, makes and sells them. Anyone interested in purchasing one should contact Stan at
[email protected]


Stan Nelson is an expert and makes great hand molds, no doubt about it.
I just would like to make clear, the molds we are about to produce will be precision tools made by a capable institution (www.LIS.nl) with a long experience in the making of custom tools and scientific instruments.
On top of this, they have already made a couple of hand moulds some years ago and they work very well. The mold in the picture is one of them and is used for casting at the Plantin-Moretus Museum.
So, it’s up to you. Some molds will be reproductions of the existing model (30 Pica points) and others sizes will be produced on demand. If you are interested, send me an email to the page above telling what size you would like to order.


Ramiro E.