Thermography Printing (Raised Lettering) Machine

This machine has NEVER been used! We bought it brand new and just never ended up using it! It is in great working condition, in shape, and ready to use. We have a box of the powder to get you started as well. This is a steal! Asking $999, brand new machine is $3K.

From the Manufacturer: The Model “T” is a semi-automatic thermography machine and is our most popular handfed model.

The Model “T” is hand fed, sheet-by-sheet, and is capable of producing between 1,000 and 1,500 letterheads an hour. The paper is placed on the feed tray, one sheet at a time, and is then carried through a powder hopper where the printing is dusted. It is then carried through a vibrator where the excess powder is removed. After the sheet is deposited on the stainless steel conveyor belt, it travels under a calrod heater where the powder is melted. From there, it goes under a cooler and is deposited in a receiving tray. Stock from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index or 10 pt. cover stock may be run. Heavy stocks require more heat to raise, reducing production speed.

The Model “T” is the only handfed thermography machine in it’s price range that features a variable speed vibrator, providing improved operator control and output quality over competitive models using a fixed speed vibrator. owder and places the sheet on the variable speed controlled conveyor that runs under a calrod heater to produce the highest quality raised printing.

Weight…………………105 lbs.
Volts…………………….110 or 220

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