Strange Headline on Briar Press ?

Current post, is it possible that BODINI ? has any connection to Mr HOUDINI. ??

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Thanks, Mick! I was going to post a comment about it too — it would seem that a printing museum should pay closer attention to proof reading! So there is my comment, stimulated from the UK.

I have seen all sorts of printed labels on cases of type, Bodini is one I know I have seen, but you are correct in saying that the post should have been proofread a bit more carefully.

I purchased a few cases of BB&S Authors Roman which had been labeled “Arturo” roman by some uppity printer who wished to give the face a Continental appeal (Or it could have been just a mistake).

John Henry

Having collected thousands of fonts over the decades, I have pretty much seen about everything. Lots of cases of IDs being semi/sorta/kinda on the right track. Della Robbia beinf labeled as Delaware for instance.

But the BEST for me was a shop that a friend had raided several times before telling me about it. He wanted to make absolutely sure he had gleaned all the “good stuff” before telling me about the place. I eventually went and started looking at ALL the cases that were left, irregardless of what the label said. Amid a whole cabinet of Copperplate Gothics (all the cases were so labeled) were three cases of Samoa in good quantities AND practically new shape!!!!!!! Ding, ding, ding - winner, winner, winner. And I thought I had trained him to look at EVERYTHING. Turned out I am have scored the best three fonts in the shop!!!!!