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Greetings. I hope members donʻt mind me posting here but Iʻve just put together a new website for the Ferrymead Printing Society in Christchurch New Zealand. Hopefully members will be interested in what is happening ʻdown underʻ. We are a very active, growing group of letterpress printers with many groups within our Society including a Junior Group of 10 - 15 year olds who love letterpress printing! We have recently set up a Book Binding section and are about to run courses on this aspect of printing. I have put links to many printing movies and related material on the site in the hope this will be a help and stimulate interest in our wonderful craft. I would always be interested in other suggestions for helpful resources I can add. I have put information and photos of our equipment and if anyone can help with dating or where I can find serial numbers so these can be added, I would be very grateful. The site is a ʻwork in progressʻ. Hopefully some will find it of interest. Kindest regards Howard Pettigrew

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You might include a link to help interested folks find your new site! :-) I’m interested in more info about your hand presses. I have recorded that you have three Albion hand presses, and the head of one of them is pictured at the top of the site, but your “Our Equipment” section doesn’t show any of them. Are the three Albions the only hand presses you have? (I don’t count the tabletop platens like the Adanas for my worldwide census of Albions.)


I found the website:

Howard, please send me the serial number for your Challenge (1428E ?) proof press and I’ll add it to the Challenge census: