Need a new belt for 8 x 12 C&P

I recently purchased an 8 x 12 C&P from some folks who hadn’t used it in awhile and the belt is torn and ragged, and just doesn’t work well. Might be an old fire hose. Where do I find a belt and how do I find one with the correct circumference?

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In Richmond, Virginia there is a company across from the main post office that makes flat belts to size. They also sell and recharge fire extinguishers and have lots of other useful stuff. If you can find a similar company near you, you can take your old belt (assuming it is the correct length) and they will make and sell you a new one the same length. You may need to make minor adjustment to the motor to get the belt tensioned correctly anyway.


I have been helping some printer friends, a few colleges and my daughter motorize their C&P from a smal one to a monster. I have had lots of luck with used flat leather belts for these presses from Craig Black at Don Black Linecasting in Toronto. The web site is: You pay a little to have it sent across the border, but very fair pricing. Check out the wood and metal type too.