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Hi all, I’m beginning to order more supplies and have now turned my focus to paper. I like lettra. I know there’s many printers out there who don’t see the “big deal” about it, but in my short amount of experience, I have had good results in using it. I would gladly purchase a large amount of lettra if I found a good price (so far the best I have found for 8.5x11 sheets is keldon paper…has anyone found better?). I prefer 8.5x11 because as of right now my cutter is limited to smaller sizes, and after pricing out keldon as the supplier, it still seemed like 8.5x11 was the more affordable option over larger sizes after doing some simple math. I’d rather not factor in outsourced cutting costs unless my volume gets to be so much that I may have to. Has anyone found a better supplier for lettra at that size? I am open to trying other papers, but of course the key word is *try* and I prefer to buy some samples of something rather than shelling out money for a large supply of stock I’m not sure I would like to carry as “house” stock. All suggestions appreciated!

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BTW - I understand this has been “discussed at length” - I’ve already searched those threads, but when people are throwing out tons of suggestions of different types of paper in many threads, a lot of times they are not giving ideas for good suppliers at the best cost for all their suggestions. also looking for something comparable or better than lettra. so hopefully no one flames me for re-posting a question I know has been asked. Thanks. by legion has a multitude of offerings; there’s a stock on there by Strathmore you might check out; it is pretty close to the caliper of lettra.

But not quite the same price.

Also, I believe they will cut to size for an added fee- thus converting your order of 26x40 sheets to a smaller size as you indicate you prefer.

thank you HavenPress, I was on there earlier looking around.

thanks :) i purchased some lettra and am trying some of the savoy in 236lb weight. i want to try the strathmore impress but keldon doesn’t stock it and they had the best price i could find for lettra, so next time :) i like the light gray color they offer.

more suggestions welcome!

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