Hamilton Type Cabinet with Type

We have a single-wide metal Hamilton type cabinet with 22 drawers that needs a new home. Please note, this cabinet is missing 2 drawers, but there are slots for 24 drawers total. The existing drawers are full of lead type. The cabinet itself shows signs of age/use as seen in images.

Approximate dimensions of cabinet: 43” tall x 35” wide x 21.75” deep

As per the labels on the drawers, the type includes the following:

- Franklin Gothic Condensed (18pt, 24pt, 36pt, 48pt, 60pt, 72pt)
- Craw Clarendon (18pt, 24pt, 36pt, 48pt, 60pt, 72pt)
- Alternate Gothic (24pt, 36pt, 48pt, 60pt, 72pt)
- Dom Casual (18pt, 36pt, 48pt, 60pt, 72pt)

Asking $800. Buyer is responsible for moving the cabinet and type.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional photos!

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image: Type Cabinet 1.jpg

Type Cabinet 1.jpg

image: Type.jpg


image: Handles.jpg