Can anyone suggest some sources for sheets of medium weight newsprint? I don’t want it too thin, but I don’t want 130# cover either.


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Erm, newsprint really comes in thin sheets. Try Uline for sheets of it.

if you want a newsprint-like paper, try French Paper (in MI).

I have what you are looking for. It is old newsprint, clean, been covered and is 24x36”. I have more than 900 sheets. Where are you located?

Thanks, Haven. Yes, I’m looking for something newsprint-ish, but not traditional thin newsprint.

Have you looked at French Paper? Something maybe in the Kraft-Tone line?


Ding ding ding- Brad seconds my suggestion ;)

Actually they make a paper called “newsprint” which comes in cover weights.

Yep. I missed Mark’s comment above.

I think the newsprint paper is part of the Dur-o-tone line.

The French Paper crew is a great bunch, too.


French Paper makes a Newsprint sheet.
Dur-O-Tone: Newsprint Extra White, Newsprint White, Newsprint Aged.


Depending on how many sheets you need, artist’s supply stores have large format 24x36 newsprint sketch books. ULINE also carries them loose 400 sheets for $35.