Metal Type Website Update

Hi everyone, another quick update on what’s been hapenning on the Metal Type website recently.

New photographs have been added to the Christophe Plantin Print Shop page, a couple of close-ups of the presses:

Ruben Brizuela added a couple more photos to the Linotype Model 1 Video page, showing the rods mentioned in the discussion comments:

A new set of photos was added showing the last day of hot metal production of the London Evening Standard back in 1980, a pic of some early photo keyboards, as well:

I have added a “Recently Added Pages” module to the site, showing the latest content.

Many thanks to everyone who joined the mailing list, your support is encouraging. I can see that the new MailChimp platform has a great potential for sending out good quality email newsletters. Having said that, I am still quite busy getting the site up and running, and adding a recent influx of new material.

It could be a couple of weeks before I get the emails sorted out via MailChimp, in the meantime watch this space for more news.

If you still haven’t signed up for the new newsletter, you can do so here:

All the Best
Dave Hughes
Metal Type

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