Sigwalt 6x9 new rollers and chase need

Hi, i need to purchase a set of (2) rollers for my press and could use a new chase as well. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Diane

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I can’t help you with the chase but for Rollers you can try or I had my original rollers recovered by advanced (the second link) but will probably buy a completely new spare set from Todd (the first link) too.

Todd certainly seems to know what he is about and has been very helpful.

Todd provided rollers for my Sigwalt and Model Presses, great service given I’m down in New Zealand.

I normally have a couple sets in stock, with a couple measurements I can cut a chase or base from flat stock.

You would have to machine the raised double wedge on the two ends of the chase that hold it in the bed wedged behind two pins set in the roller rails, and they need to be pretty precisely positioned and sized to properly hold the chase. Perhaps you have a correct Sigwalt chase to copy.


Hi all,
I purchased the rollers for my Sigwalt, but still need a couple of 6x9 chases for it. Anyone have them?
Thanks Diane