Re-embossing a shallow embossment

Hello all,

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with embossing over a previous faint strike? Registration might not be an issue, because the previous strike in this case is so faint; my larger concern is for the fidelity of the new embossing over the previous, and potential damage to the paper (which appears to be something common, like a 90# Mohawk).

I’d be happy to share particulars of the situation off-list; I wanted to ask the group first if anyone had similar experience/situation, and any recommendations. Contact off-list would be appreciated, and thanks, as always!

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Sound to me like a salvage operation.
Give it a try. It may work and the image is fine
(Had a pocket folder come to the shop that was diecut by the printer and their operator wasn’t checking and the scores failed 50,000 run so it was worth trying to salvage we were successful)
I know some will blather about such nonsense as fiber integrity etc etc…… just try it you may be lucky
Ted Lavin
Artifcer Press

Thanks, Ted. Yes; it’s a salvage operation, but a one-and-done type deal, rather than saving an edition or a run, so we’re moving cautiously at first. Thanks!

Ok but you have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work, you were going back on press anyhow (i think) if you try and get a result your happy with it’s a win win you’ve minimized any out of pocket costs and proved your skills at sheet to sheet registration.
Good Luck
Ted Lavin
Artifcer Press