Shop For Sale (Tons of Type, Borders, Cuts)

**Sale Pending** Up for sale is a small print shop run by a gentleman that had been printing for several decades before passing away last year. As his health deteriorated, the items didn’t get much use so they sat collecting dust and will need a good cleaning, but are otherwise in great condition. I’m attempting to help sell everything, but there’s A LOT of stuff here: type, leading, borders, cuts, presses, furniture and reglet cabinets, a slug cutter, typecases and much much more. All the typecases shown are FULL of type, and I have a few spare empty cases as well. There’s honestly too much for me to list everything that’s included, but if you’re looking to open a shop and start printing, this is a great purchase. If you’re looking to add type to your collection or buy and resell, this could be a great purchase as well. I’ll do my best to answer any specific questions in a timely manner.

You can view photos of some of the items here:


1906 Chandler and Price 8x12 OS Press set up for treadle use. (Treadle not included) Pictured without the feetboards on, though it does include those as well and 2 chases.

Vandercook #01 Office Series flat bed Press (Max Print 15”x32” Sheet)


Copper Bold - 6pt, 12pt
Wedding - 6pt
Stylus Script - 30pt, 36pt
Brush - 14pt, 24pt
Century - 10pt
Cloister Black - 14pt (2 sets), 24pt, 36pt, 60pt
Old English Shaded - 12pt, 14pt
Old English Shaded Light - 12pt, 14pt, 30pt, 36pt
Chelt - 24pt
Chelt Bold - 10pt, 18pt, 36pt, and 36 pt (lowercase only)
Chelt Bold Condensed - 12pt, 18pt and 30pt (lowercase only)
Alternate Gothic - 30pt (partial)
Bankers Roman - 6pt, 8pt, 10pt
Garmont - 12pt 18pt
Caslon Black - 12pt, 18pt, 36pt
Caslon Black Bold - 12pt, 18pt, 24pt
Caslon Black Light - 18pt, 24pt, 36pt, 48pt
Continental Bold - 6pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt, 36pt, 60pt
Continental Extra Bold - 18pt
Lydian Italic - 18pt, 24pt, 30pt, 36pt
Lydian Italic Bold - 24pt
Old English Commercial - 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt
Steel Plate Gothic - 12pt (partial)
Chisel - 14pt
Bank Gothic Light - 8pt, 18pt
Greeting Monotone - 12pt, 18pt
Invitation Script - 18pt
Century - 8pt, 12pt
Century Italic - 8pt, 12pt
Copperplate Gothic - 18pt
Stymie Bold - 24pt, 36pt
Stymie Medium - 10pt
Stymie Condensed - 10pt
Stymie - 6pt, 48pt, 60pt
Onyx - 42pt, 48pt, 60pt,
Lotus? - 18pt
Light Litho Roman - 12pt
Light #652 - 24pt
Pirane Italic? - 12pt
Bernard Fashion - 14pt
Ballia? - 14pt
Bodoni Bold - 48pt

Lots and lots of pied type.

Unopened Type in Wrappers:
Anderson #420 (Century Schoolbook)
6pt, 8pt, 10pt, 14pt, 30pt, 36pt, 72pt - Full Sets
48pt - lowercase only

Leading and Quads are also packaged and unopened.

Looking to sell everything together as a set and asking $10k total or best reasonable offer. Cash is king, but will accept cashiers check, Venmo or personal check ahead of pick-up to make sure it clears. Buyer is responsible for picking up and transporting all items from my location on the ground floor about 45 minutes west of Madison, Wisconsin.

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