Letterpress Japan

Am visiting next year and would appreciate print related places of interest to visit. Suggestions?

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There are videos of Japanese letterpress printers on youtube under the name Sanyosha:
…and under the name Salama Press Club:
The Salama Press Club has their own webpage linked in the description page at youtube, in Japanese.

The Salama Press Club is supported by the Rebundo Company. The Adana 21J is Japanese produced but now renamed Salama.Recommend a visit to Ogawa-machi in Saitama prefecture to see traditional hand made paper being produced.

Tony King NZ

The best letterpress I ever saw came from a small family business in japan., but dammit I cannot now recall the name.
I do recall that during WW2 they produced propaganda leaflets to air drop on our forces! Their letterpress quality of impression was nothing short of miraculous.

And the giant Toppan Publishing has a large museum which now holds all the Mouldtype stuff from Preston, here in the UK