Available Heidleberg

One of the equipment dealers that has us on their mailing list is advertising a small printing plant liquidation in the US “Northeast” that includes—

Hi, I need to move all these machines NOW , ready to release these Machines , here are the list of Contents-(2) Ryobi’s -3200CD & 3200MCD $2,500 Both—-Itek 3985 W/ New Crestlines $1,200 —Rosback 201 Dual Head Stitcher-$1,000 -Acme pedestal Single Head Stitcher $500 —Miehle 29” 1 color $1,000 —Heidelberg Windmill 10X15 $800 —Challenge EH3A Drill $600—Challenge Model 305MC Cutter $1,200 -All the Above Machines are under power in Very Good Running Condition - All Pricing is Ex-Site ——All Photos Available Upon Request
Must move All Now !!

Their contact is [email protected]. The $800 Heidelberg platen caught my eye, and with any letterpress machine, there is also all the support stuff as well—stone, furniture, quoins, numbering machines, etc. Why dink around with some table top toy when real equipment is still readily available? That is if the goal is to run a business and not just to play. The 29” Miehle offset also caught my eye—a fine machine in its day. We had one where I worked in San Francisco and it was a real work horse.

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Indeed, and even some of us who just “play” like to do so with real equipment. My father had an Albion in his study for “play”. Unfortunately I don’t have room for anything a lot larger than my “table top toy” at the moment. (C+M Caxton 4x6 chase)

(And of course I am on the other side of the country)

But Somebody would do well to look at these

The Heidelberg platen on this listing has not sold but it is now offered for $400 and that now includes the Miehle 29 offset press for that same amount of money. Glenn at Paragon Machinery says the sn of the Heidelberg is 35976E and includes tools and furniture. His phone number is 845-735-7201 and he is located in Pearl River, New York

Sadly, there are probably 10 x the number of people who could run the Heidelberg vs the Miehle 29 offset
. Dealer sounds like he’s down to calling the scrapper soon.

Now this equipment is free for the taking. Even as a parts press, the Heidelberg platen may be of interest to someone. And it is located in New York state. Contact Paragon in my initial posting.

This is making me so sad - I really hope it doesn’t get scrapped. I’m just afraid the shipping from NY to California would be cost prohibitive.