Heidelberg S Missing sheet finger questiona

I tried to keep the title as simple as possible.
I have a Heidelberg S that I’m running,
When the sheet of stock transfers to the cylinder there are two small fingers that “detect” the sheet and if the sheet isn’t there the machine will kick the operation lever forward.

OK, many know the part I’m talking about.

On this press the operator side finger is missing.
The non operation side finger seems intact.

Here’s the problem(s).
The non op finger just doesn’t work. If I have it set to “on” it will shut down the machine as if there’s no paper when when there is paper there. I’m thinking the finger isn’t long enough to do it’s job.

The problem is that the non op finger seems to be pinned all the way from the finger to that pawl that engages the shut off mechanism.

The operator side finger, although missing, has each segment adjustable.

1) Is this configuration normal, to have only the op side adjustable?
2) Is there and adjustment for the non op side that I’m not aware of?
3) Does anyone have a picture of the “finger” not installed on their machine?

This machine took a lot of damage from a previous operator when the machine failed to shut off and fed a crooked sheet. The operator was somewhere else and running it on autopilot and only knew there was a problem when there was too much paper in the delivery for the machine to run. Thousands of dollars in damages.

I’d like to avoid a similar incident, even though I don’t let 15 feet between myself and the machine I’m running.


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PM sent.

image: MVC-072S.JPG


I run an S almost daily. Both my sheet detectors on the swing arm are intact and working.

I can try and get a slow motion video of the action for you tonight.