Help with Latham Model Stitcher

Hello everyone,

I’ve just acquired what I believe to be a Latham Model 120 wire stitcher. Does anyone know or have any information about this model? I’m having a hard time finding any information about it, and knowing what, if anything, it’s missing and what it originally looked like. I thought it was a neat find and for $75 too cool of a piece to pass up. I’d like to get it working and use it in my shop to make small journals and pamphlet pieces.

The machine appears to cycle through the machination process when turning the flywheel though it doesn’t contact the bottom plate where you’d lay the paper and the staple would be bent and cut. I believe that plate is adjustable to move it upward. The foot pedal linkage is also missing, and I’m not entirely sure where or how it connects to the rest of the machine or flywheel so that when you press the pedal it staples as I believe it was designed to do.

I’ve included some photos, and can provide more of specific areas, and perhaps a video if that would be helpful. Any help or guidance is always appreciated! Thank you.

image: Latham1.jpg


image: Latham2.jpg


image: Latham3.jpg


image: Latham4.jpg


image: Latham5.jpg


image: Latham6.jpg


image: Latham7.jpg


image: Latham8.jpg


image: Latham9.jpg


image: Latham10.jpg


image: Latham11.jpg


image: Latham12.jpg


image: Latham13.jpg


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The linkage may not be missing. On my steam powered Monitor #1 some of it is hidden within the body. Contact the Print Shop at Carillon Historical Park and ask for Lee. They have a functioning Monitor. Go to for a few images of their shop and a brief mention of the Monitor #1.