for sale in upstate NY

I found this on Craigslist:

I’ve never heard of the manufacturer - Damon & Peel - but maybe someone is looking for a project and it is worth saving.

image: dape.jpg


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The manufacturer is Damon & Peets, it’s a nice little press. See this article:

And … it has no throw-off (that I can see) but it does have steam fixtures!

John, nice press! I’m surprised you didn’t add it to your collection right away! The throw-off lever is the little handle on the left side of the feed tray, same as the Canadian Westman & Baker presses. The steam pulley throw-off handle is a knee-kicker, just like my C&P.

Pygment Press

I posted a picture showing where the throw-off lever is at. I have a Gordon press just like this and believe this is a Damon & Peets built under the Gordon patent. I attached a link to my press….which doesn’t look that rusty today, that was when I first got it mounted on a steel base and started using it. John should remember the next set of pictures….this was at an APA meet in Mt. Pleasant,IA where I ran the press off a hit & miss gas engine during the event. I had to run the belt on the flywheel because it was to fast running off the presses drive pulley. This is a good running press…..strong and smooth!!!!

image: damon & peet.jpg

damon & peet.jpg

try posting picture again

image: damon & peet.jpg

damon & peet.jpg

Oh, OK Dan, now that you point it out, I see the throw-off lever. Yes, I’d love to add that very nice press to my collection but I’ve just about quit collecting and NY is a long haul from Arkansas.
And yes Steve, now I remember your press and I actually got to run it. Very cool experience to run a press off a gas engine. Next I want to run a steam powered or water powered press!

Liberty Press - Briar Press doesn’t display images with names that include odd characters - rename it something simple.

THANKS…..always learning!!! Steve

image: damonpeet.jpg