Kelsey 6x10 chase

Hi all,

I am considering buying a Kelsey Excelsior 6x10 that I found on craigslist, but it is missing the chase (needs new rollers too, but those are easy enough to get). Does anyone happen to have a spare 6x10 chase they may be interested in selling or have any leads on where I might find one? I haven’t had any luck on eBay, etc.

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I could cut a new one out of flat stock, there was a few different runs so some measurements would be needed to match up. each chase was fitted to its press at factory grinding the corners it sits on to get latch to close all the way. no rocket science. look me up if needed. rollers are always in stock.

Thanks, Todd - just sent you an email.

We have 6 x 10 chases for the Kelsey…