Bringing Letterpress over from USA to CANADA

My husband and I plan on travelling down to Buffalo this coming weekend to bring a C&P 8x12 home with us! We are more than excited, but aren’t sure how the used machinery and taxes work as you bring it over the boarder we’ll be driving from Buffalo and going over that boarder to get back to Toronto. Does anyone have any experience with importing a machine from the USA to CANADA, are their specific paper works necessary? etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You might look into declaring it as a collectable antique…

I am assuming you’ve agreed to a price with the seller; it should be simple to declare it and produce a bill of sale, and then pay the duties on it. What those duties are going into canada would be easy to look up or contact your borders/customs people and see what it will be.

If you’re directly transporting it yourself, you may even just… Not declare it. Say you were donated it and it has scrap value.

Declare it as a Letterpress. It is a letterpress and is free from Canadian import duties as far as I can tell. filter for letterpress….

If it is for personal rather than commercial uses you might be expected to pay GST or HST on it… This will be based on the declared value.

I brought an 8x12 across the border a few years ago. I ended up paying GST on the purchase price, nothing else. Good luck and enjoy the adventure.

Hey guys, declare it as - and from now on call it ‘a printing press’, ‘letterpress’ is the merely technique…

Thomas the reason you declare it as a letterpress is that different types of printing presses actually fit in different categories as far as tariffs are concerned.

A printing press can include offset, flexographic,…

You don’t want to have them look it up and tell you it is something else.

Thanks guys all so very helpful! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Call Don Black Linecasting he is in Canada and brings these items across the border and sells them back to people in the USA.

416-751-5944. He definitely would know.

Declare it, pay your duties and home you go.

If you make a false declaration and they decide to verify it, the fine is pretty steap. I did it once and i will not do it again…

We got it through the boarder all ok! When declaring it we searched ‘printer’ and they actually now have a category for letterpress so that made it easier. It ended up being only a 5% of the press so a huge duty.

Thanks again all!

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I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my situation: I am purchasing a press in Michigan, but I need to pick up a cabinet in Toronto, and then I will drive back into the US to my home in NJ. I’m wondering if I’d get in any trouble for merely transporting it through Canada?

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