Printing and History

The whole world has been sold on going digital and scraps the idea of printing on paper.

OK, let do away with printing, it old it out of date, it ‘s my grandfather day of doing things. Great!

Our hometown sports team won the big prize a few weeks back.
On every news channel for days, the news people held up the local newspaper with the big headlines of the team winning. Now a digital phone with the words we won!

The newspaper printed that day a 40-page special section, which I was told by one of the pressmen that the press run was 500,000 copies which sold out in hours.

The newspaper printed about 1000,000 copies of the section again a week later and it sold out in an hour.

Why did people want the newspaper? It old, it’s your grandfather day, it not cool!

The printed newspaper, books about the winning, and magazines are real and are part of history.

Yes, printing is old, and no one cares about it anymore!

But, the photos of your child growing up printed and saved, your articles that were written in college that you won an award, etc all on paper, all part of history.

The world can HATE printing in any form, but, opening a desk drawer and pulling out a sheet of paper printed in 1990 is history.

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