Elli Evans or other UK supplier of 8x5 polymer rollers

Hello all,

I need some new polymer rollers for my Adana 8x5, and Elli Evans’ site is ‘currently unavailable’. I don’t know if they’ve gone out of business or have a problem with their site. Please let me know if you’re aware what’s happening there - I’ve been very happy with the last set I got from them.

Alternatively, are there any other suppliers of the polymer type rollers in the UK? I prefer them to the rubber.

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You can get them from Caslon over near Hatfield


Caslon makes a good quality roller and has good service.

Caslon’s rollers are great but they’re rubber not polymer; i’m looking for a supplier of the polymer ones.

Does anybody know where to get them in the UK or Europe?


Probably a good job you are not looking at Evans rollers.
I have four sets of their rollers bought about three years ago and all gone sticky so I have to make sure I get ink on first otherwise the rollers stick like glue to the disk.

The rollers have always been washed with white spirit. I did have a fifth set but some idiot cleaned them with meths and they really stuck to the disk.

I fail to recommend Evans rollers due to I am still waiting for completion my order from 2010 starting to think they are not going to show. It was a big part of me deciding to learn to make rollers. I am amazed at how many I sell.
I like rubber rollers the rubber is getting softer and good for long life.

Well it’s interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on roller types. I did have a good experience with rubber rollers in the past, but when I tried polymer ones I was very pleased with how easy they were to clean with just vegetable oil. It’s great to not have to use solvents.

I’ve not had the sticking problem so far; I’ve been using them for two and a half years I think.

Sounds like Elli Evans are defunct then.

If anyone knows where to buy some polymer ones, please let me know…

Allmake rollers produce polyurathne rollers as well as rubber covering. Have only used their rubber rollers which are good. In the old days when running heidelberg cylinder presses and big Miehles we would try to have one polyurathane roller going over the type as they acted as a scavanger roller picking up paper dust with the rest of the rollers made of rubber.
Allmake rollers are based in south Wales.

I’ve used both Allmake Rollers of Cwmbran and Recover Rollers of Caerleon - they are within four miles of each other. Both were prepared to do one-off very small scale jobs for amateur printer whose approach to specifying rubber hardness was to poke samples with a finger and say ‘this one’. Prices were sensible and turn-around was a few days.

Caslon. I currently have Ellis evans rollers on the press and a back up set from Caslon.

F.B. (Felix Bottcher Ltd) are willing to consider one-off specials, at least they said so a week or two back. Long term principal supplier to the trade. Prices? - I’ve no idea. .

I’m giving Allmake a try…