Series 684 -22 D Typeface Name

Interesting Query, possibly Please. ?
Re the above, Just acquired complete Monotype Plant Casters/Keyboards and the wherewithal. !!

Been sitting on 20+ boxes of mats (Matrices) for a long time,
14 - 60 pt… . Majority still in Ex lending library, greased wax paper etc.

Looking forward to (S.A.P. & practical) casting up a few fonts.

Re the above, S 684 22D., will be cast on 24 Pt. Mould,!!

Can not as yet put a name to *Face* any offers please.

It is a very narrow face, = even at 22D the widest character,s Cap *M* Cap *W* etc./, are only 8 Pts. wide approx.
The cap *W* has the designation 8 & 3/4,s of -set-, punctuation and l/c characters are less than 2 pt. wide.

Box marked, Monotype Display Matrix lending Library,
7 Plough Place London, E C 4 (from London,! Not Redhill?)
Dated, 4/2/70.
Have tried, from available specimen books, so a name to match the Series would be a bonus

Thank You, and Seasons Greetings to All. H.V.

Log in to reply   7 replies so far suggests Univers Extra Light Extra Condensed for series 684

I don’t know if that is accurate.

Sounds accurate to me. Univers was a Didot face, adapted for Anglo-American users, so 22D on 24pt sounds spot-on for Univers.

Bob, Thank You. In composition sizes I have (second time around) moulds for 6 - 14 Pt. to accomodate some Univers for re-casting as sorts, No Keybars for composition (yet).

It very very slowly sank in that included in the (mothballed) range of Display Mats was 685 28D also, BUT marked Univers Roman, - Will be cast up on 30 Pt.

Now the plot thickens,! Generally, Original Monotype Display size, Matrix boxes contain 4 sub-divided compartments @ 26 mats per column, each, normally/usually containing approx. 2 alphabets, Caps/Lower case, Figs and punctuation, 26+26+10+10, around 70+ Mats, or thereabouts.

In the case of the above, 28D the Box carries full compliment, 104 Matrices, which include 6 Cap *A* accents,? 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, left and right chevrons, >/< (greater than, lesser than) Asterisk, (*), Dagger, £/$, %, Oblique (/)
Section Mark, = akin to 2 superimposed letter (s).

Zwack, Thank You also, Yes Extra Light, Extra condensed covers all the bases perfectly, In minature form, seems to resemble Traditional (alleged) Wild West Posters. i.e.
in one line, in 120 line Poster Type.!!! - So we believe.

Glad I could be of some assistance. The website I included…

Lists a lot of typefaces so it might be worth bookmarking for future reference.

Zwack, (Adam) Thanks again. Yes I am familiar with Alembic Press Proprietors. We have met at the occasional *Wayzgoose* - - Their site carries mountains of info re Monotype, I look up and look in, but too often get side tracked, going of at a tangent, forget the original quest, and drink too much (more) coffee. Thanks again. H.V.

Hi, Mr Hopper, given all that stuff, I reckon you will need
to find various bits of highly technical info and very likely some spares, eg have you got the normal wedges that go with each composition size die-case? or at least the MCA cards to match? The man to help you would be Duncan Avery, to be contacted via the remnant Monotype Hot Metal Ltd at the Type Museum in Kennington South London.
It might be very pleasing to him to know of the whereabouts of mat sets from the old Fetter Lane Lending Library, whose property they certainly once were. How come they were never returned is another story of course.
You will definitely need him as a friend.
Trust this is helpful, with seasonal regards

H.P. Thank You for your excellent post, appreciated.
Fortunately I go back a long long way, with Mr. Avery, He has been (with many others as users) very very supportive and helpful to a lot of us.

If You call up, Google,
The Counterpress `Type Foundry Sort Of` re pilcrows,
will give a 3rd party C.V. as to My approximate background, not my words of course, the mats in question? came from The Type Archive.

Thankfully since 1954, I have theoretically (at least) amassed a lot of info, = memory banks and written/printed etc., but with Monotype A LOT, is never enough.

Yes I will need (hopefully and in the fullness of time) some normal wedges, - I acquired several die-cases which will need the appropriate wedges just to cast sorts.

Stop Bars I have in abundance.

I have a good supply of spool paper, well stored, genuine Monotype issue, including a supply of Plastic (virtually indestructable) 31 Channel tape, - Never issued to the trade, TOO late, unfortunately.

I have drawings/rough blueprints, from Mr *Les Wearn* ex Monotype Engineer of long standing, - Not with us anymore sadly, but will enable me to modify a pair of keybar frames to produce a universal TAPE! to faithfully replicate ANY matrix case, in 15 x 15 rows (early original) or (later) 15 x 17 rows, it is well recorded that the majority of M.C.A.s, were hardly ever printed up, but in photo copies from the drawing office, 2nd, 3rd, generation began/begin to look a little tatty, I own several,

BY implication will be searching for 2/3 pairs of key-bar frames, including one set to modify for 31 channel PLASTIC based universal Matrix Case proving spools.

TECHNICAL Tip, >NOT from any manual<? for those interested, (if at all) I use a *display* normal wedge, locked out at 18 units, whatever body size, 5 to 14 Pt. to suit the Matrix case for proofing, meaning everything comes out on a square body and produces a block of type with the facsimile, atop, proofed up as many as required, works well.!

Will be looking for key-bar frames, have a few duplicate Matrix cases, with wedges and outside sorts to pass on, only as Barter, Swap etc.
Can cast sorts, as sorts ! without Key bar frames, can cast sorts without normal wedge(s) but it is very time consuming, - every unit row value has to be sized by hand.

Alignment gauges, NO problem, own many genuine Monotype with appropriate chart(s) apart from Off Body and Bastard sizes, since many many years ago, with reference to original sizes, we made our own, i.e. 12 Pt. OR 24 Pt. spaces Mike`d, to exactly the quoted dimension, surface to view, shone up, in the alignment gauge, worked/works perfectly.

H.P. Thanks again. H.V.