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Hello Letterpress community!

My husband and I are currently restoring a Chandler & Price letterpress we acquired from a guy who ran a die-cutting factory in the middle of nowhere, Texas. The poor thing hasn’t been taken care of and we were given what was thought to be the corresponding ink disk with it.

While trying to put it together, we’ve realized we might have been given the wrong disk as it seems to be too large at the base of it where it attaches to the mainframe of the machine. It looks like its only 1/2 an inch. off though from where the screws should land. (see photos)

Our research so far - the machine is a Chandler & Price with the serial number C63839 - circa 1922. It was rebuilt at a Brantjen & Kluge factory at some point. The platen size is 10x15.

Does anyone have a similar press and could suggest what kind of disk we need? If anyone could point us in the right direction with this, we would greatly appreciate it!

image: letterpress


image: disc serial no.

disc serial no.

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It looks You are talking about the mount for the ink disc and the disc it’s self.

More pictures would help as well, it’s hard to see but that looks like it’s for a larger press, perhaps a 10x15 craftsmen.

I think I have both in my spare parts area, but it is going to be way cheaper for you if you can find one local.


Rob is right. You seem to have the wrong bracket and disc entirely.

Based on the numbers that I can see the ink disc you have is for a 12x18… and based on the gearing it would seem that it’s meant to fit a Craftsman C&P.

The New Style C&P wouldn’t have the three gears on the back… instead having a pawl to strike the underside of the disc.


Well, that’s an interesting critter! While obviously finding a 10x15 disk and bracket is the ideal solution, you might be able to make this work. Biggest question is whether the roller arms will go up and clear the disk, if they do, then the disk/bracket are likely from a 10 x 15 C&P Craftsman. If that’s the case, then perhaps from offset machined plates would allow setting this wider bracket on the press (though securing it might be a problem.

I am guessing however, that the bracket was never installed and that the guy gave you the wrong part—he might have the right part still at the factory. Worth calling to get the right disk/bracket, and the ink disk ratchet advance, if not present.

That is definitely a C&P Craftsman ink disk assembly. If you are going to try to adapt it to your press, it will need the sprag clutch assembly on the outboard side to drive the gears. Here’s a photo from when I cleaned up my ink disk showing the whole kit-and-kaboodle:


Thank you guys for all the input! From what I’ve gathered I have in my possession a New Series C&P and might possibly be able to modify it, but most likely need to find the proper disk and/or bracket.

Does anyone know if I could keep the disc as long as I have the proper base for it? If anyone had the proper item number that I should be on the lookout for, that’d be amazing.

Rob, where are you located?

You need parts:

1007.5 Solid Ink Disc
1008 Disc Bracket
1036 Disc Lever Roller
1037 Disc Lever
1038 Disc Lever Pawl

The disc in photos above is 1207.5 which means it’s a part for a 12x18 press (Craftsman, in this case) and won’t fit a 10x15 press.

Your best bet is to find someone with the parts above available. Keep in mind that there are 5 parts listed above but usually the 1008, 1036, 1037 and 1038 are all attached and rarely seen separated.

Rob Miller may have the part. Also try John Horn down in Little Rock, Roy Dunham in Deep River, Iowa and maybe Paul Frank at Perfection Type in MPLS.

Hope this helps.

Muncie, In