Dear sellers, please include your contact info

I am discovering that the email feature on Briar Press is not working.

Several times I have tried contacting people, by I don’t even get a copy of the email I sent.

I’m not the only one having problems with BP email.

As such, if the nature of your posting seeks a private response (e.g. you are selling things on Brian Press Classifieds), may I suggest you include your contact info. Perhaps you may then get more traffic.

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Whatever you do, do not put an e-mail address in a public listing.

Unless you like getting a mailbox full of spam…

The email feature is not completely broken… It might not be broken at all.

Some email addresses do not seem to work with Briar Press as Sender addresses. I suspect that it is caused by some anti-spam mechanisms.

If you try changing your email address and sending again you might well find that it works.

Fixing the double post…

There is at least one mechanism which uses a DNS TXT record to state which machines are allowed to send email from a given domain.