Oil Pan

I tried doing some internet/Briar Press searching but had no luck. Does anyone have any advice about getting an oil pan for my Windmill? Or what else I might put under the press when it gets put into my workspace in a few weeks?

If I need to get someone to manufacture something..what are good dimensions or any other details?

Thank you! :)

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Check out the auto part stores for oil pans. This has come up before on Briarpress, so check out the history. I have pans under all my press’ that I purchased from auto stores.
They’re not that expensive.

Press manual has the dimension info.

Get your dimensions and then seek out your nearest H.V.A.C shop that does sheet metal duct work…..they can make you up a nice pan.

Thanks guys, appreciate it!

My 10x15 windmill has a 4 x 4 foot flat metal sheet, which has served well for 40 years. I have two extra 3 x 4-foot flat sheets if you are in the Central Massachusetts area, should (or someone else) be interested.

You might also try looking for “drip pan” or “drip tray”. Oil pan does tend to bring up things like engine sump pans and the like.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

D&S Sheetmetal in Cedar Rapids can cut and make a piece to whatever size you want. They can even roll/fold the edges over just like original windmill drip pans. Quotes are free and they are within 30mins of you.
Steve @ Liberty Press