Wikipedia: Mind your p’s & q’s

Harrumph. No nod to letterpress origin in this entry… or is this just an assumption that I’ve always held as true?

Anyone have references to update this wiki entry?

Also, I’m looking for a Vandercook for our local college to purchase.

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Its a conspiracy! They have already managed to completely bury the old “mind your b’s and d’s adage.


What about u’s and n’s? When you are ‘out of sorts’ you can swap these around for a sans serif face.☺

They do mention print shops in passing.

I did find it odd that they mentioned a and b rather than d and b.

Where are you located? Which model Vandercook are you looking for? I have three. Bob

Haha. Yes, most definitely a conspiracy! And those u’s and n’s. How about the a and g’s?

Bob-I’m located in Northern Indiana. What models do you have?