Magnetic base maintenance

Hello folks,

I aquired an old Heidelberg A4 magnetic base a while back and use it happily. However, I have no knowledge about the required maintenance of the magnetic bases itself, if there is any.

Is there something I need to do so the magnet stays strong? I know some really old magnets lost their magnetic power when not used over a period of time. Could this happen to a magnetic base, too, or do they keep their their power forever?
If they need to be “exercised” on a regular basis, how often is that?

Sorry if this question is stupid.

Kind regards.

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Depending on what the magnetic base is made from it should be pretty much permanent.

However, keep it out of strong, fluctuating, magnetic or electric fields, especially when not in use.

So don’t store it right by any electric motors, NMR machines, Synchrotrons,…

Also for magnets in general, don’t drop it or bang it, and keep it away from excessive heat.

Thank you, this is helpful! Not planing to drop it, at almost 8 Kilos it could really damage the flooring =)