C&P 8x12 Not turning/ running

I recently bought a C&P 8 x 12 press. The press was running the first time I tried it and got everything set up. Now, the motor turns on, but the belt and the press doesn’t turn anymore. I have oiled every oil spot I could find. I have tried to turn the flywheel to get it running. Nothing has worked so far. The motor is a bit loud when it turns on and is trying to run. I can’t tell if it’s a motor or a belt issue or some other issue entirely.

Can someone share their expert opinion to help troubleshoot what the problem might be? Thank you so much in advance.

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You need to tell us a bit more. Is the motor on the right side or is it on the left and turning the flywheel? Is it a V belt or a flat belt?

Remove the belt. Does the motor turn freely? Spin the flywheel by grasping a spoke and spin in hard. Does it turn freely?

It could be something simple like the tension of the belt.

When you identify and remedy the problem, you will always have to help the iron start turning. A good push on the flywheel to get the rollers up and over the shoulders of the rails.

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Hi Inky!

Thank you for the quick response.

The motor is on the right side of the press, and there are two sets of belt. One on the motor connecting to what I believe is the speed control, which connects to another set of belt that circles around the flywheel on the left side. And, I believe it’s a V belt.

When I removed the belt and turn the flywheel, it turns freely. It spins with ease. When the belt is on the flywheel, it is difficult to turn.

How would I adjust the tension on the belt? Do I shift the motor or the speed control? Thank you so much for weighing in. Any additional tips or tricks you can recommend, I’ll give it a shot. Thank you so much!

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I teach that you have to think like the press. Well, at least you have to understand how the machine works.
You did not answer all the questions. With the belt removed from the flywheel, how does the motor run?????
New question. The press previously ran well. Now it doesn’t. What has been changed?
I am not there to touch things so I must rely on you to be my eyes and fingers. I think the belt to the flywheel may be too tight. It cannot be too lose and sloppy or it will not drive the flywheel. It cannot be too tight or it will stall the motor.
Again, I am not there to touch and inspect. It looks like to adjust the belt tension on the flywheel belt you would move the entire plywood mounting board forward just a bit.

I think you are close. Think like the press.

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Hi Inky,

Thank you, again, for your response.

I removed the belt. The other smaller pulley doesn’t turn. I’m not sure how to determine if the motor is running. It turns on and it roars.

I think the tension on the pulley on the flywheel might be too tight and the tension on the motor to the speed control may be loose. I’m trying to figure out what the balance is.

Someone else has suggested that I may have blown my motor and it may not be running and I may have to replace it.

Have the motor checked by an electrical shop before replacing. Also I’d run the smaller motor drive pulley as it would give more torque (but slow the press cycle time)

Have you check to see if anything has fallen to stop the press from moving. Once I turn on my 8x12 and the motor wanted to work, but the press wouldn’t move.
I found that a strip of spacing material had found a resting stop to keep the press from moving.