Windmill “squareness”

Looking for some advice… I’m having what I call a “squareness” issue on my 10 x 15. Paper perfectly square, photopolymer plate square on the base….printed image not. This is running without guides in commercial register. I can rotate the plate slightly to fix…but am trying to figure out the mechanics of why it is getting out of square. I’d rather count on the guides on the base when setting up. Thanks in advance for advice/guidance.

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Hi Chris….
Commercial register almost always prints a little sloppy if the front feed standard is out of alignment with the gripper-or if the paper skews at all from the blast or other factors during pickup, you can end up with a skewed sheet.

It is better to run guides if you need a perfectly straight consistent sheet; otherwise, I would loosen the feed assembly and turn it a little in the direction that would make sense. There is a way to do this in the manual- it is on page 67, titled “Changing the position of the front feed standard”:

Note there is a rod with a line marked on it for purposes of visualizing your adjustment, lower right of figure on page 67.

I see you got some good comments from folks on Facebook about what appears to be the same issue.