What paper for foiling?

We are using a Windmill 1800rpm, copper dies and a heat plate we are still having issues confirming its operating temp. We have good results with stock like Classic Crest or stocks known to be calendered. Our problems come when we use stock like Lettra Wild or Colorplan - any cotton based.

We are wondering what papers work well for you?

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normally the firmer, and smoother the stock, the better. there is another current discussion regarding foil on a windmill.

Ericm- Thanks for the feedback. The other discussion may have been the first one I posted. It wqs long winded and got no answers so I shorten a lot. Since the post we got to looking at samples of foil work done by others. We looked at samples done by the major paper suppliers we like to use. We noticed the tear away and some of issues we were worried about are most likely just the norm and we were getting over critical of our own work.

Much of the “Sample work” handed out by paper suppliers is done on large 40in high production presses. Intriquet, High quality work comes off of slower, older machines. Usually from slower older operators.
If you want, I am sure that many from here would send you samples. Just let me know what you need

ericm - Thanks for all you help. The more we ask the more you teach us something new. Some days I feel I am standing on the train tracks facing the wrong way as the train approaches from behind. We are getting better, bravier, and more confident. Now, if I could just get richer and better looking.

When you figure out that last part, let me know

Haven - It easy- take a hand full of singles and stare into the mirror with your eyes closed turning from side to side. For a moment you feel rich, have lost weight and look dam good.