Various letterpress equipment

I have various stuff that I can’t fit in my shop - type, cabinets, cases, furniture, racks, etc. I need to get rid of it to clear some space. I’m flexible on price because I’m more concerned with getting this stuff out of my hair and getting it to someone who’ll use it, rather than trying to make money off of it.

Here's what I've got. To see some pics check Box assorted wooden furniture and reglets 28 type cases - most california job cases but some others too, in good condition 4 cases 23" wide that are open - no dividers - I guess for storing really large type or cuts or something - in good condition Furniture rack - in rough condition but functional, holds 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 pica lengths Lead rack - holds 4 - 60 pica lengths Metal angled thing that fits on top of double wide cabinet for composing - sorry, I don't know what it's called Double wide type cabinet w/ no cases, missing center piece that holds the type cases. You'd have to build your own replacement piece for this cabinet to be functional Type cases that were probably flooded. I don't know for sure because I bought them off of someone else who claimed to not know if they were flooded, but they look like they were to me. 36 regular size and 8 small size (21.75" wide) that are in bad shape but are still somewhat functional. It's not worth me fooling with, but someone out there might have an interest in investing a little time to clean them up and use them. Some of them have type in them and some don't. The type is in fine condition. 12 plastic containers each with a typeface in them. These were definitely flooded during Katrina. The containers should be thrown out, but the type is fine and just needs to be cleaned off and redistributed into new cases. Dustless type cabinet - in rough condition. Doesn't have any cases. This was flooded during Katrina, but I've since cleaned it up. However, the flooding warped the wood a bit, so it's pretty janky. I hate to just throw it out though. If someone was willing to invest just a little time it could be fixed up and made functional again.

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