Free Kluge - Western Massachusetts

Hi All - Thought I’d post this to the group. I just got back from seeing this, it’s in great shape but does not have the inking system so it would be strictly for die-cutting. It’s mounted on skids and there is a loading dock available. Here’s the original ad on Craigslist:
Sorry about the rotated images!

image: D55B5070-CFF7-4D91-B25D-DD89F067C559.jpeg


image: 605B5468-CA9B-4D10-B794-3E84A6F90D23.jpeg


image: 8D9D1420-F192-4911-8FF8-65653561A37C.jpeg


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I have a dis-assembled Kluge just like it, so if anyone wants this, i will give them the inking system if they pick it up in South Jersey.

Steve - is it a complete inking system? (Rollers, ink fountain, etc) I’ve heard that it can be difficult to gather all of the pieces to rebuild it. If so, I’d be interested - thanks

all pieces, everything.
105 Rt 47 south, Cape May Court House NJ 08210