National Stationery Show

I just received information on the annual stationery show in New York City that runs May 20 to 23. Over the years, a large number of letterpress printers have exhibited their products at the show. The web site is

The display space is on the pricey side for some plus all the other expenses, but this is moving on up to the big time. I have heard mixed results as to the value of exhibiting there but for some it has proven to be very worthwhile. The space costs are:

Please find booth pricing below, the base rate on space is $33.65 per sq. ft.
10x6 - $2,019.00
10x8 - $2,692.00
10x10 - $3,365.00
There is an additional $475.00 charge for a corner space.

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I won’t pay that obscene cost. I was thinking, a show doesn’t have to be in NYC. Just advertising is key, a central location would be better anyway.

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