SP-20 Rollers rattling

Hi! I apologize for my lack of knowledge in describing this issue, but our back roller rattles a lot when printing/inking. We had a screw break off in the assembly that holds the form roller support area on. We know we need to extract this eventually, but we haven’t been able to so far. The whole area that holds the rollers on the form roller gear side—the bearing block assembly? is tilted backwards like there is something that used to support it but doesn’t anymore. On the opposite side (handle side of the press), it is level and doesn’t rock/move.

We removed the L brackets that lift up the rollers because they were getting in the way of leveling the rollers when raising/lowering them. Is this okay to leave these off permanently? Or am I causing some kind of issue by doing this?

The spring underneath the form roller support is intact and working well from what I can tell.

Is there a screw/rod/other support missing that would keep the form roller support (if I am using the right term) level and keep it from jumping/rocking? It is low on the back roller side (gear side).

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Not sure if my images attached

image: IMG_5885.jpg


Not sure if my images attached

Here is another one

image: IMG_5883.JPG


You can see in the center top hole where we have one screw broken off that I haven’t been able to extract. Is that causing this problem? Or some other issue?

Last image.

image: IMG_5884.JPG


Sorry about this double posting! My thing timed out.

It may be that the tab on the roller support bracket on which the height adjustment post rests is bent or broken. If bent, you must be careful straightening in or you will break it. Use vise grips. NA Graphics can have new brackets fabricated.

image: SP20.rollerbrackets.jpg


That bearing block assembly that Vandercook designed for the SP-20 is really a piece of crap, to put it bluntly. We have been developing a completely new assembly to replace that and I have the prototype on hand, and I guess that I have to quit procrastinating and test it on a press. I have 2 SP-20s here to work with, so I will try to get that project off the ground. We do not currently have a direct replacement for the welded and pressed metal holder that is shown in Paul’s photo that eventually falls apart.

As an aside, I have had trouble losing posts to Briar Press when the page times out, so always copy my posts as I go so I don’t lose them. I always reload Briar prior to posting just so I don’t end up with double or triple posts. As an example, I will save this post, then see if it posts, and continue on.

If you’ve removed the L-bracket supports, then the rear roller will always be down against the drum when at rest at the feedboard. Advance the press slightly whenever the drum is not turning, or move down the bed over an empty area, so you don’t get a flat spot on the roller.