Form rollers for Reprex #1

Hello all- I’ve recently started teaching in a shop that has a Reprex #1 letterpress that I am trying to get up and running and the press needs form rollers. No cores. Any suggestion as to where to get these rollers? Or does anyone have a spare set somehow that I could buy off of you? Thanks! Also if anybody wants to have a little Reprex maintenance group let me know.

image: 29571355_10216983531930120_4289939855178440014_n.jpg


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I would contact Ramco Roller. They make a lot of letterpress rollers and are very nice to deal with.

The roller companies usually have the roller specs for just about any press you can think of, because they have made rollers for them through the years. Ramco may also be able to make the cores. (I am not associated with them, just a customer of theirs).