ISO: 14-1’s, 13-2’s in 24/36 humanist font


I’m looking to purchase 24/36 point sized fonts with enough 1 & 2’s to set a calendar for a local non profit. Anyone have any recommendations to point me in the right direction? I’d love something like bodoni or an engravers if possible.


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A cheapo answer might be to buy laser-cut plywood figures from a craft shop (which they sell for the greetings card folk to use) and stick em face down on a bit of timber, using double sided adhesive tape, then [pack up the piece of timber till its all type height, and hey presto … it works, did a job this way last year. Mind you my figures were about 72 point ..

Hey Harrild,

I have totally done that before, but found it wasn’t worth the hassle. I like to use it still for demo’s with small kids so they can see the difference between forward and backward letters. I do have somewhat of a budget and don’t mind a little splurge. Plus, I’d like to lock up the job properly and would consider the type an investment for future projects.


Bodoni and Engravers (of any kind) are Humanist fonts??????? What has the world come to?

You might try contacting contacting Skyline Type Foundry and see if they are willing to cast sorts of the figures you are looking for. You need at thirteen 1 and 2s, slightly less 3s and just a few of the other figures if I remember correctly.


For calendar printing you will need a minimum of 14 1’s, 13 2’s, 5 3’s, and 3 of the rest of the figures. Always best to have extras on hand in case of damage.


Rick, My most favorite Humanist face is Bologna.

Ha, Foolproof, Engravers is definitely a bit of a stretch and I suppose Bodoni is more of a title font, too, but I do find their numbers lovely, and proportionate - call me crazy.

Thanks, Michael! I have been in touch with a couple people over the weekend, just mainly was wondering if there was a simple way to order those numbers, but I guess hunt and peck or sorts casting is the way to go. (?)


Skyline sells a perpetual calendar font. It is collection #9

Hopefully this will work for you.