Looking Poco Proof Press Manufacturing Date

Hi All, I’m looking for the year my POCO Press (B288) was made. Any help with documentation or pointing me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated. Right now my best guess is between 1914 and 1924. as it has the Red Hatcher emblem on it.

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Perhaps you mean Hacker? I have the serial number records for the #4 Hacker Proof Press, but none of the other records or lists of serial numbers survived to my knowledge. Hacker was purchased by Vandercook & Sons in 1937.

You are correct, dang spell check.

Any how from the Vandercook website I find 1914: Horace Hacker & Co. began as a reorganization of the A.F. Wanner Co. which made Potter and Poco presses. 312 N. May Street, c.1914-21 and in 1915: Hacker introduces Hacker brand hand proof press (The Inland Printer, June 1915, p. 417) Then in 1931: Challenge Machinery Corp. acquires Potter and Poco brands from Hacker. So I’m assuming it was manufactured between 1914 and 1931, Also being a lo number I put it as an earlier press.

In 1938, the Challenge-Poco series was replaced by the Series C presses (14-18, 14-25, 20-25).
The CG variant have grippers and side guides and the Series E have power ink distribution.

Here is a photo of the press I’m looking for a date of. I believe it predates the Challenge-poco series.

image: P3280002.jpg