Smyth Sewing Machine

Does anyone know the weight of this c.1901 Smyth No.6 Sewing Machine? Needed for loading purposes.

Thanks in advance.

image: Smyth1.JPG


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I might have work for a Smyth, very short runs say 150 copies of 5 x 32pp sections, and I’d be willing to pay (a little!)
Any chance in due course?

Well I have been through my catalogues, no luck on the No. 6, the No. 3 is 4 cwt, the no. 4 is 6 cwt. If you google smyth no. 6 book sewing machine on one site there are pictures of the no. 4 and it says the no. 6 is very much like the no. 4 but with 10 needles, take a look see what you think.

You could load it on a trailer or van and take it to a public weighbridge, take off the weight of trailer or van and then you would have it, good luck,