Howdy all.

Does anyone use a product called Easy Street by VanSon when switching from a dark ink to a light ink?

Do you use it like ink? And … does it work?

What do you use to clean up afterwards?

Thanks in advance.

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Easy Street is made to be used on offset presses.
You put a small layer on the rollers and let them idle for a few minutes before engaging the form rollers to a cleanup matte.
It pulls varnish and pigments out of glazed rollers & helps them carry and transfer ink more efficiently.
It would be a good treatment for letterpress rollers.
Put a small amount on a rag and vigorously scrub the roller.
Follow up with whatever press wash you currently use to remove any residual Easy Street.
If you use a white rag you will see how much old ink and varnish was on your roller

I use Putz Palmade paste

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Funny enough, I just used Easy Street for the first time on my C&P today. My local paper store happened to have a tube and I thought I’d try it out. I put a little bit of solvent on the ink disk and then put a bit of Easy Street on it and let the press run for a couple minutes until the rollers were nice and coated and then wiped it off and I have to say, it did make it pretty easy, plus I like that it helps to keep the rollers in good shape. When I took a few printing classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book when I was starting out, they used a bit of Crisco right out of the can to loosen up the ink for cleanup. I feel like Easy Street is pretty much the same thing, but I’d recommend it.