Feed Board for 10x15 C&P

I’m fabricating replacement feed boards for my 10x15 C&P and have a few questions.

What kind of wood is best for the feed boards, and what do you recommend treating it with?

I’m also trying to find the metal attachment piece(s) to connect it to my press, and I’ve seen two styles on other presses. One has the upper feed board connected to the gear guard, and the other has the upper feed board connected to the lower feed board. Does anyone have a recommendation or preference between the two styles? Where should I look to find the replacement parts I need for these attachments?

Last, I’d like to confirm the dimensions for the boards for a 10x15 OS C&P. Here’s what I was planning on making:

Upper (feed) board: 12” x 15”
Lower (delivery) board: 12” x 21” (with a 2-1/2” vertical lip along the long edge)

Thanks in advance for sharing your advice!

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Greetings! I have 2 10x15 chases that I found buried in my shop after I sold my 10x15. So, If you would like to pay the shipping, you can have them. Have no idea as to shipping cost but if you’re game I can check and see. Sanghapress.com

Mika, if she is not interested in the chases (or one of them at least), I might be.

Karen, I will measure my feed boards when I go into the shop tomorrow.

I don’t need a chase, but thanks Mika.

What I’m searching for are the feed table base and fork. I’ll attach images of the parts on other presses. It’s just the metal parts seen in the photos that I need, not the wooden boards.

image: C4A98CFD-7A31-4CB7-B428-F4BFD4F8D1ED.jpeg


image: A2749EEC-A5FE-4D62-A523-3350F554D9BB.jpeg


image: 4F12D360-8D45-4F5F-9976-52DD2576ADF8.jpeg


Measurements on my 10 X 15 OS are

Feed Board 12” X 15-3/4”
Delivery Board 11-3/4” (plus 3/8” thick lip) X 21-1/2”

Corners are rounded.

Make sure when you install your delivery board to leave a gap so the platen can’t crush your hand when it opens.

— Mark

Thank you, Mark!

Karen, I think I have both the parts you are looking for.
I will be back in my shop on Sunday and will hunt them down and take a few pictures for you.
Best, Jon D/Mpls

Thanks, Jon!

Karen. My mistake, here is a picture of the part I have, but it is not the one you need.
I’m sure someone else will step up with the proper piece.
Hey Maynard News Mark…what-up.

image: F6704FDF-EDB7-4550-B3C7-26E820E1C391.jpeg


image: 5D840BF4-22BA-4223-A57C-D98C4B42D44C.jpeg


Thanks for the photos, Jon. That might actually work just fine. Can you email me the price for those bits?